Going Home - supporting the transition of 300 women offenders

Going Home was a 5 year project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund grant STEPPING STONES. The aim of the project was to support the transition of 300 women offenders, helping them resettle into their communities and re-build their lives. The development of Peer Mentors was central to the development work. Gibran worked with 460 women, exceeding the target by 53%. Our team of workers supported women in each of the 22 local authorities of Wales.

We have trained 44 peer mentors; many are now working in several third sector organisations.

In the lifetime of GOING HOME, using the Monument Trust online calculator, we have made a staggering saving in costs to society of £44.5million.

This offender resettlement project has resulted in fewer crimes committed, fewer sentences and fewer families disrupted.

Each beneficiary has an individual action plan and is helped to understand Maslow’s Hierarchy to help them prioritise their goals. Additionally, we help them explore the Hopson and Scally Model of Transition to enable them to have better control of their lives and emotions.

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