Our Social Impact

The social impact of our work is enormous; not only for the individuals we work with, but also for the wider community and the families of people we work with.

Some things are easy to measure – the cost of travel in miles per gallon, or the unit cost of electricity or gas.
However, we will never be able to put a price on...
  • A mother reunited with her children, now all contently living in secure stable accommodation.
  • Removing the threat of eviction because of rent arrears solely brought about by the 'Bedroom Tax'. When someone wants to move.. but there is nowhere to move too and yet they incur charges
  • Forgiveness and understanding from a family who now understand why their loved one has been in trouble with the law.
  • Confidence to find work or attend university.
We use The Monument Trust online calculator which has been designed to help not-for-profit organisations to develop and present a business case for services aimed at reducing re-offending.

The calculator enables us to estimate both the cost of delivering our service and the impact that our service will have on reducing reoffending, plus the financial savings those reductions in crime are likely to deliver.

The financial impact and savings to society of STAYING HOME, one of our current projects that has seen us helping ex-offenders of both genders, during the last few months really put into perspective the savings that our work achieves:
  • Savings to society during the last 12 months: more than £10 million (£10,388,000)
  • The saving for GOING HOME during the lifetime of the project was £44 million.
The Gibran team work to support people every day. They are not driven by the financial savings to society, but by the difference our work makes to the people we work with.

Our funders need to know the value of their investment in social and financial reality, and we appreciate their investment in Gibran to make a difference to people’s lives.

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