Unpaid Work Community Project

It took a number of years and many discussions before we decided to offer placements for women as part of the punishment process. Community Punishment (or Unpaid Work) is a number of hours determined by the Court as a punishment for various offences.

We know that in Wales there are few opportunities for women to participate in Unpaid Work and that the work which is available to them is limited.

The question we asked ourselves was: “Do we want to be part of the punishment process?”

What led to a change of heart was the knowledge and support from David Bidgood Newport Probation that we could combine two important things:
  • Our belief in helping women and reducing re-offending by tackling the reasons they committed an offence in the first place
  • with the opportunity to develop Glad Rags by providing clothing for women who needed this practical support.

Each week, we have delivered Unpaid Work to women from Gwent with a threefold approach:
  • We offer one-to-one support to help address the reasons why they committed an offence
  • Opportunities to learn new skills, which helps to develop their confidence and self-esteem
  • Sorting donated clothes by size, cataloguing the clothes and parcelling up clothing for women leaving prison or arriving in prison unprepared for a sentence directly from Court

The women have had the opportunity to participate in:-
  • NIACE Adult Learners Week – Cooking on a budget
  • International Women's Day
  • Dresses for Africa
  • And more recently to participate as Koestler Trust curators for the Illumination Exhibition, to be held between February 6th and March 13th 2015.

Gibran is offering a unique opportunity for women to undertake purposeful activities that would simultaneously address the reasons why they have offended and satisfy the requirements of the Court.

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