The Newgrove Trust- Celebrity Cook Book

In the summer of 2012, we held a cookery demonstration with a group of women offenders to show them how to cook simple, nutritious meals on a budget.

During the summer months, it is possible to by slow cookers for about £10 each. We approached a local charity (the New Grove Trust) that supports people in Monmouthshire, and we asked them for £750 to research and develop a cookbook.

In Monmouthshire, we are lucky to have a number of celebrity chefs and a master butcher nearby.

We aimed to design and develop a simple cookery book for women to use a slow cooker and show women offenders from Monmouthshire how to prepare a variety of simple, inexpensive nutritious meals and how to use the slow cookers.

Additionally, we aimed to enable some of the women in the Criminal Justice System from Monmouthshire to collect and develop recipes, use computer skills and digital photography to design the cookery book. We would also train the women in negotiation skills so they would be able to negotiate with local printers to get the best value for money to have the cookery books printed.

Gibran will hold stocks of the cookery books and offer them to women who are leaving custody or are serving a community punishment during the next 3 years.
The cookery book would be sold through our network and enable the project to be self-financing.

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