Connect: IT Equipment for Women Offenders

Connect is funded by the Big Lottery Innovation Fund. Connect is unique; it is the only project in the world which engages women ex-offenders with tablet technology and the internet.

Preparation of IT Equipment

Prepare IT Equipment
Prepare IT Equipment
Prepare IT Equipment
Prepare IT Equipment

All Equipment is fitted with the following:-
  • Reference Number
  • Gibran UK ltd label
  • Smart Water
  • Smart Water Label
iPad specific
  • Engraving which says ‘Property of Big Lottery Fund Wales. Tel: Gibran UK 01873 880976’.
  • Hard case, also labelled for protection.
  • Clear screen cover to protect again scratches.
  • Enrolled on remote management software called ‘ Meraki’ which allows us to control programmes installed on the ipad and locate/lock it if needed.

Secure with Smart Water

Prepare IT Equipment
Prepare IT Equipment

Smart Water is recognised as the UK’s most efficient and powerful theft deterrent. It is a clear liquid which painted on to the device which is impossible to remove (as shown above) and is able to identify Gibran UK as the owner. This makes the device redundant if there is intention to resell the device.

Increasing access to digital technology for women ex-offenders

To continue the innovative nature of CONNECT our final evaluation will be in the form of a digital story told by the women themselves and the team who have worked on the project.

We are grateful to Big Lottery Wales for allowing us to film some of the scenes at their premises in Helmont House, Cardiff.

The digital story will be available from early January 2016; we hope you find their journey interesting.

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