The Social Impact of Our Work

Every year, we at Gibran participate in Adult Learners’ Week, which is led in Wales by NIACE. Adult Learners’ Week is now in its 23rd year and we are proud to be part of the national experience.

Adult Learners’ Week is a national celebration of lifelong learning, encompassing the Adult Learners’ Week awards, “have a go” taster events, a parliamentary reception, and other activities such as a national policy conference.

Many of the people we work with have had a negative experience of learning and we work hard with them to make learning more accessible...and fun!

By participating in Adult Learners’ Week, our volunteers and beneficiaries become part of a bigger picture and become more included in ‘society’.

Education for Offenders

Gibran have overseen sessions on creative writing which have inspired people to start capturing their thoughts. For many, this was the first time they had written anything (other than a CV or housing application form) since they left school.

Sessions which inspire the learners to engage with their local colleges are invaluable at breaking down barriers to learning.

We are delighted to have support from our local college, who have delivered sessions on Catering, Creative Writing, Art and Photography.

We also add our own skills to the mix, with staff helping women to learn how to upcycle clothing and furniture, do nail art, decorate plant pots and photo frames, grow veggies in ‘bags for life’, and keep chickens.

Increasingly, we are delivering more formal education, but in a non-threatening environment; this includes OCN Peer Mentoring, OCN Anger Management and the Pacific Institute Course (STEPS).

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